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Easy Hoists Ltd

Not getting the use you could from your hard top?

  • Problems getting your hard top onto the car?
  • Problems getting your hard top off your car?
  • Is your hard top getting scratched in the garage?
  • Is your hard top in the way when not on the car?
  • Finding your soft top too noisy for year-round use?
  • Is your soft top getting wrecked in the winter months?


Easy Hoists Ltd manufactures, supplies and installs hard top hoists for many makes of convertible. The hoists we supply are hand-crafted in the UK. The patented design is licensed by The Hardtop Hoist Company (based in USA) who has been manufacturing their E-Z Top hoist since 1983. It is a unique product that can be installed in most garages. The hoist is not mass-produced; it is finely crafted in small lots using only top quality components.

Safety is the most important part of our business and we take it very seriously. Every part is inspected ensuring each hard top hoist is safe and perfect. Our dedication to quality ensures safety, reliability, protection, and easy operation.

The unique cradle system does not touch the all-important weather seal of your hard top, ensuring that the hoist system can be used for temporary and long-term storage of your hard top in complete safety.

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